Unlikely phrases

Popped out for a ride this afternoon in the low winter sunlight. Only 20 miles, but it was a lovely gentle spin along the quiet lanes of Hertfordshire with a little bit of exploring thrown in – a few lanes and tracks that I’d never been down, just to see where they come out and which bits of bridleway they could link together.

Trail spotting mode was on maximum scan, with a huge amount of potential around for the next time I get Surly out. Home, tea and cake on the sofa and as I stood up to close the curtains the stunning sunset actually made me stand at the window and look out on the world whilst uttering:

“And the sun sets on another magnificent Hemel Hempstead day!”

I wonder just how many people in the world have ever said that?
Sunset pic for reference by the way, just so you don’t think I’m completely mad:

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